Soft Approach

by iji

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Recorded over two weeks in October of 2012 at The Crystal Palace in Santa Cruz, California.


released March 1, 2013

Zach Burba (songs, instruments, drawings), Drew Stoeckel (mixing, mastering, engineering, singing, and bass on Western Light), Max Bennet-Parker (piano, organ and synthesizers), Conor Martin (Drums), Nessie Sanzerbeard (operatic vocals, synthesizer on Western Light, Spanish translations), David Jaberi and Michelle Shofet (singing), Dorota Szuta (violin and singing), Alexi Erenkov (flute), Tim Rottenberg (trombone), Tyler Martin (big ideas, singing, co-wrote and played piano on La Enfoque Suave), Spencer Owen (singing on La Enfoque Suave), Jamie Burkart (photos)


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iji Seattle, Washington

only iji.



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Track Name: Flock Of Seagulls
With the 2.. 3... 4... we wave on the night
Forty people leave their homes and we invite them inside
the rooms been dressed up just right
Cloud decorator
Who knows where cool place sits on a map these days?
If the kids keep piling in we're gonna sink this place.
We all hope to be around when the wood floor caves
and the party moves get wicked.
Tonight will find the dancers, with each drop of sweat they rise.
Fall asleep in it. The everything.
Own me flock of birds.
Human being blood be burned.
The way flapping wingspan works
We will be waiting.
Tonight will find the dancer within each of us.
I wanna sway with you.
My new best friends.
Track Name: Summer Projection
Somersaulting into the depths
Deep colors of a summer dress
It's like a movie, too good to be
Old cartoon
Keep rewinding it and zoom in on the screen
Spring season's fragrant flower's spirit projects a hand
tugging on my sleeve
Cloud rider, Glowing apparition,
What does your vision mean?
Waving in the wind.
Sifting out and in.
What did you say you are?
I don't know.
What did you say you are?
Only human I suppose.
Double Cheesburger,
Summer Projection,
Track Name: Get Along
Get along my little guy.
If song's gonna make you cry, my friend, I believe you.
Good world watching is going fine.
If you sat here as long as me, I'm pretty sure, you would see it.
Sport is getting strange.
Losing score now.
Angry, tired freethrows
are starting to pile up in the corner of our little room.
Creatures of my pen's design
enter through thine eyes and find someone pacing
For real love to crack tonight,
For fun to creep inside our strange interactions
Holding the rhythm up, I fall into the groove behind the drums
All wailing and getting up to find old energy I thought I'd known
Whose feeling it now?
We wave all around to work it out.
Track Name: A Picture Of The Sun
Where definition be, is growing blurs around.
What feelings I have seen, all the smiles and frowns and piling up.
The window fades the flowers from your gown.
All un-knowing now.
The revolation tremors come and gone.
We gulped that soda down.
Tiny diamonds, sun shines more.
Waves been crashing many days before.
Old refinin' or breakin' down.
Waves keep crashing when the sun goes down.
So what do you think?
How to make your shadow throw it's peace sign to the sky.
The untraceable lines hanging out in a picture of the sun.
Snare drum rattle
Four on the floor
Life forms walkin' many years before
Under that old light
Track Name: Cool Desert
When the wind and the sand sketches my foot print
Something finds me, waisting the day like it's funny
Dream paint stretches out from my memory
of a paved over land
The Sunset City
I am here, and it's ok
Born here, and returning
Trying to do my thing, what comes natural to me
Shuffle through town again
On the road in a hurry
Snake rattle in my hand
Coyote yelp in my tummy
Track Name: Feeling This
Running into walls tonight.
I'm feeling this, heavy
Whose got dirt on the coming light?
Someone's gotta stop the day.
Hard as we try
Kicking, sly
She's so on to us
Walking out the door while I wait for an answer
Inappropriate SMS on the way to the corner store
Bedroom alone, clutching the phone
Honestly, freaking out
Reciting the pie-charts of my nude mind
Coming alive tonight in sad song form
I'm totally your deepest fan
Watch me headbang in the backseat of the van
Sweet radio, "104.5 in the shaddow of Mt. Rainier
Tell all your friends"
(radio i.d. of one the greatest stations of all times that unfortunately no longer exists)
Honestly please forgive me
For asking you tough questions over black coffee
Egg sandwich, Pancakes, Waiting
Top of the morning baby (Karl Blau lyric)
I wanna hang with somebody
I wanna chill with somebody
Somebody who gets this
Track Name: To Figure Out The Party
The events of earlier were son unparalleled
I rewind them through my brain
I remember how it felt
The night, so young, so completely myself
Relaxing in the swells
Now, folded in these pages
Song you always sang
Now, how could I rest these eyes?
It's so completely strange to take a step outside
and find you smoking cigarettes and walk right by
as if it wasn't your friendly presence I was hoping to find.
I walk by again.
Now, to figure out the party
Now, my funny phony dance
Now, I wanna ask you to my buddy
Track Name: Western Light
Rolling over in the western light
Rocky beaches, sandbars, baseball cap
No idea where I'm going
Just that love of my life, drifting in the sun
Come on companionship, Into the light!
The hardest part of a western trip
is growing accustomed to the end of it.
Overcome by what we did and what we didn't do
By the chirping in the afternoon
By the surf that left it's foam on you
when you got out of here, my baby
Rolling over in the western light
This coast has green skies
Tall cliffs and foggy eyes
Calling for the sound that pulls me home
This coast has sweet luck
Jarritos™ taco truck
Holding in the breath that fills my zone
Rolling over in the western light
Track Name: La Enfoque Suave
The gentle phase, piano chord
Three-toed sloth welcome dance
Sweet layering, portamento
Kiwi fruit, birthday suit

Todos los de Iji queremos agradecerles muy sinceramente a nuestros estimados escuchantes su bondad en compartir con nosotros la experiencia total de Enfoque Suave. Mi llamo Zacharius. Gracius.

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