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released October 25, 2013

Recorded by Zach Burba in September / October of 2014 at Magic Lanes House in Seattle, WA and Unltd. Cool Drinks Temporary Bedroom in Phoenix, AZ.

All instruments by Zach except...
Little Pictures Band: Erin Birgy (Drums, Singing), Will Murdoch (Akai Synthesizer), and Matt Bachman (Bass)
Hard 2 Wait Band: Tristan Jemsek (Bass), Tyler Broderick (Lead Guitar), and Mitchel Kearney (Drums)

Mastered by Nich Wilbur at Unknown Studios, Anacortes, WA

Instruments: Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Drums, Clave, Congas, Shaker, Tamborine, Alesis HR-16 Drum Machine, Korg Poly-800, Linn Drum Sample Pack, ART Multi-Verb LTX, Alto Saxophone, Omnichord, AKAI AX60, Harmonica, Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar

Dedicated to sparkling water and drinkers there of.


all rights reserved



iji Seattle, Washington

only iji.


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Track Name: Little Pictures
When I saw you, on that night
I was lost in the company
Out-of-towners, Old stand-by's
All whirling around the scene
But I know you,
Hiding in the corner,
As you often do
Little moon orbits past my window lying quiet in my room
You came over every night
Long after we knew
The psychedelic blanket robe
The little pictures that we drew
I couldn't make it all the way through breakfast
Had to let it spew
No one knew,
But walking home with out you
The chunks still upon my shoes
Track Name: Hush Puppy
I drew the story of two flying birds
Discussing power of a sound they heard
Four singers perched upon the old boardwalk
In the morning, In the crisp dream fog
The notes will fade away over the crashing waves
The sun flares bounce off of the designer shades
Remember how the late nights on the rooftop felt
Sing your song. For them you know I always will.

My room gets so full of this dust sometimes it's hard to breath
Why I leave the window open here is still mystery to me
Often I still find tiny piles underneath old things
and when the wind comes in and blows it 'round it's frightening to see
The faces play with me their nightly floating games
But throughout days and days I try to write the ways
"I believe you" In my own way
But still I wait, I wait to hear them say,
"Hush, You know all they want is love"
Track Name: Magic Lanes
Let them roll through time
They roll through time
The minds that exist on the back of mine
The shaking leaves and the ringing chimes
at night slip through the cracks of rhymes
And it's hard some time and the world's just fine
as we swim out on the river blind
Let them roll through mine, Let them roll through mine
I sit back, and I whisper that...
"I wanna be around when you whisper Zach"
mt. Shasta 1995
The magic lanes get intertwined
as we slip down the vines

Winter's gone,
the surf's good
and we now understand
the difference between the day and the developing plans we had
Sometimes it's hard to keep in mind,
but when cast down magic lanes we just simply rely
Rely sometimes
the cartoon mouse just floats right by.
My baby I get hypnotized.
There's a mysterious babe
in a historical cave
and she's tagging her name
on the stone of your grave
and you can't swim against the path of the wave
But does it have to end this way?
I don't understand you.
I just don't dude.
But we've both got a ticket on the same cruise
And the heads roll down the path of Magic Lanes
Track Name: No Monument
There's many songs to be sung
In the living room I sit and draw the quiet ones
There's a heavy heated sun
As we swim out pass the buoy that clearly says "DON'T"
Away over the neon lawn the screen print colors fade.
Later today we trade glances as the party goer's clothing sways.
Back on the old I-5
The night shifts into morning time
There's swelling on the stereo and your letters on my mind.
Pass the confusing signs, and all the tall green pines.
Fresh water in the bottle and the one we left behind
There's no monument
I will never forget, but
There is no monument.
Track Name: OK Perfomance OK
No one could have planned this performance
The band was too loose
My blood was grape juice
and everyone was stepping aside to make room for the wild one
Waving her arms and not quite singing along

No one could have planned this performance
As my emotions joined in
Losing control of attentiveness
Watching as the eyes of my neighbor start to show
Tiny windows to a mind I might like to get know
I trip out to a wider performance.
Oh my god.

Having known y'all so long.
I've watched you shuffle through, like, 5000 songs
On the back of my mind
I'm lost on your time

No one could have planned this performance
As I'm walking home
The rain won't let go
Horizon's unknown
and literally nothing has changed but in a curious way
I'm amazed
Track Name: Johnny Be Tristan
For every day that I spend here
There's a deeper thirst for wild sodas
Walking back to the garage
Great expression drummer!
You broke nine sticks though
Out of the jam sesh and into the night
Up on South Mountain under the old pollution
Desert days and cans of Sprite ™

Long drives in deep, packed cars with windows cracked
and just hoping not to break down here
In The Everglades or Saguaro National Forrest
"I rap myself in what can only be described as a daydream"
I thank Ash (Rickley) for those words
and I believe!
Some things will not be understood
but back in Phoenix I know they feel good.
Be good,
Tristan be good
I knew you would
The big ol' sound from the half stack
and the wild music in that
Track Name: Hard 2 Wait
Seasoned by the stereo
Songs we know and some we don't
Later's poke the tired soul
So many maybe's on the radio these days
But that's just me
In the center of the dream
Floating reminders of the one's I long to be with late at night
Here they go
Because it's hard to wait for good love

Classic Rock, R&B,
The tender night you sang your songs for me
That world that may only truly be
Between closing your eyes and drifting off to sleep
Because they're wild and sweet
They're as reliable as the drifting off your feet into a bed
The backround singers have got to sing
that it's hard to wait for good love

Over the table, Across the sea
I will wait
Isn't it a drifting dream
Can real love stay?
Permanent and free?
For us to live,
For songs to stay true,
I wanna listen good
Because it's hard to wait for good love
Track Name: Swell Spell
When the drums kick in,
Focus slips out from my mind
Your love begins to solo through the wild night
Smooth intentions cut the crisp of casual friendship down
and coo a bush of ghosts to leap into the lingering sound
The wild music has you
Walking home, not half along

How dark this be
Made conscious of the million messengers you bring
May they all feel young.
May they all get free.
They're whiling out.
Bouncing like a rubber eye ball 'round
Chugging the potions!
You're harmony, found!
The wild music has you
cartwheeling with the good feeling

Note for note,
Spell of the charmer

Catching grips of old surprises tossed around
Simple pleasures of the resonating sound
The wild music has you

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